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About us

At JaJa Film Productions we believe that people can be moved to pursue their goals or to help others to pursue their goals. We do so by telling gripping and inspiring human interest stories that will open people’s eyes. This means we cannot always take the easy road. But that’s JaJa Film Productions; we choose to take a different road. We produce documentary films, feature films, 1-minute films, corporate films and photo exhibits.

Since its foundation in 2012 filmmakers Jamillah van der Hulst and Conrad Alleblas form the core team of JaJa Film Productions. Jamillah is a director and producer, whereas Conrad is a producer and director of corporate films. Their eye for (human interest) stories, creativity, organizational skills, large network, and extensive work and life experience provide a strong basis for the JaJa Film Productions productions.

We have developed a track record of award winning productions such as the feature films Dede (14 awards) and Lilet Never Happened (15 awards), and the documentary films Fighting for Life (2 awards), PAUL (2 awards) and Streetkids United II – The Girls From Rio (3 awards). We work together with some of the best filmmakers from all over the world and highly regarded sales agents. Our works are distributed through (FIAPF accredited competitive) film festivals, cinemas, broadcasters, online platforms and DVD & Blu-ray.

Jamillah van der Hulst
director & producer

Jamillah graduates with a degree in marketing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. After working as marketing and communications manager for international NGOs such as Right To Play, Free A Girl and Stars in their Eyes, she decides to shift her focus to filmmaking. In 2012 Jamillah becomes the founder of JaJa Film Productions.

Working as a producer on feature and documentary films Jamillah rapidly develops an interest in directing films. After directing some well received 1-minute films and the documentary series Women with a Mission, she delivers her first long documentary film, Fighting for Life, as a director in 2018. Her debut long film wins the Peace and Sport Documentary Prize at the prestigious SPORTEL Awards 2018 in Monaco.

Both as a director and a producer Jamillah is driven by bringing inspirational and eye opening stories to the audience. These stories are about people who try to get the best out of themselves or who try to be meaningful to others and about environmental issues that are crucial for the future of mankind. Her films will touch you, give you something to think about or get you in motion.



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Member of the European Film Academy

Conrad Alleblas
producer & director

Until 1994, Conrad focuses on his sports career in speed skating and cycling. After this he develops himself in sports management, working at all levels of sports, from sports for all to sports club programs and from talent development to high performance programs. Conrad also picks up interim managerial positions in the organic food sector and employment projects. Since 2012, when he founds JaJa Film Productions together with Jamillah van der Hulst, his focus is on filmmaking.

As a producer Conrad proves himself as a strong fundraiser and creative organizer with an eye for legal and financial affairs. His entrepreneurial and managerial background in business are the key to the success that Conrad has as a director of corporate films.

As a filmmaker Conrad is driven by making films that inspire or inform the audience to a level they haven’t experienced before. He loves to work on productions from A to Z and to collaborate with a motivated crew and cast and involved funders and clients. He is realistic in his approach and always goes the extra mile to make things happen.



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