Kampala Cycling Couriers

A JaJa Film Productions production


Director: Jamillah van der Hulst

Producers: Jamillah van der Hulst & Conrad Alleblas

Duration: 52 minutes & 80+ minutes

Premiere: expected 2019

Sales by JaJa Film Productions.

Kampala Cycling Couriers is a documentary film about one of the first bike messenger services in Eastern Africa. The film captures the start up of Kampala Cycling Couriers. Experienced Dutch bike courier Joeri Scholte supports the organization to set up the organizational structure and to build up the business.

The couriers are cyclists from Kampala Cycling Club and real passionate about the cycling sport. In the start up of Kampala Cycling Couriers they develop a daily routine, administer their rides and maintain their equipment. Their working environment is the challenging city of Kampala that, due to the explosive population growth, is overcrowded and a dangerous place to cycle.