Manos al Agua

A JaJa Film Productions production in commission of Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia B.V.

Director: Conrad Alleblas

Producer: Conrad Alleblas

Year: 2018

Assignment: production of in-depth film of final event and social media films

The main objective of the public-private partnership Manos al Agua is to enable and improve the systems of intersectoral cooperation, sustainable coffee farming, environmental protection and decision-making that contribute to face the challenges of water imbalance in the coffee sector and its value chain, establishing environmental, social and production conditions to alleviate poverty and encourage peaceful coexistence and sustainable development in the Colombian countryside. By 2018, the five Manos al Agua departments have managed to develop an integrated river basins management model, which will be scalable, sustainable and will generate evident positive impacts on the production, social and environmental dimensions of coffee regions, with the capacity to transcend to other sectors.