Zirkzee Group

A JaJa Film Productions production in commission of Zirkzee Group

Director: Conrad Alleblas

Producer: Conrad Alleblas

Seasons: 2018/2019 & 2019/2020

Assignment: production of corporate vlogs with company ‘ambassadors’

Zirkzee Group is the professional partner for financial and fiscal matters that every entrepreneur has to deal with. An entrepreneur wants to get the best out of his business and does so on the basis of a business plan, a well-functioning sales team or that unique product, but a well-organized and accurate administration ultimately forms the basis of your success. It provides steering information on the basis of which important decisions can be made in good time. Zirkzee Groep informs you about your administration, provides you with steering information and thus becomes your business partner.


Season 2019/2020: Vlog #1 – Vlog #2 – Vlog #3 – Vlog #4 – Vlog #5Vlog #6

Season 2018/2019: Vlog #1 – Vlog #2 – Vlog #3 – Vlog #4 – Vlog #5 – Vlog #6