JaJa Film Productions takes its excellence in feature and documentary filmmaking to corporations, (semi-)public organizations and NGOs. With a combined 34 years of working experience by Conrad Alleblas and Jamillah van der Hulst at managerial levels in the private and (semi-)public sector and with their studies in marketing-communications, we understand the goals and needs of our clients. 

A corporate film by JaJa Film Productions is not an ordinary video production. Under the directorial leadership of Conrad or Jamillah we work with the best cameramen, sound mixers and editors to get the job done. We prepare ourselves and the client well for the shooting. During production we have a special eye for storytelling, the interview settings, sound recording and filming b-roll.

In our corporate filming activities we are driven by the passion and ambition of the entrepreneurs and the employees, overcoming possible challenges to create a film that stands out or stories that impact communities and people in a positive and sustainable way. We can create films like (but not limited to):

● Event coverage with a comprehensive story about the purpose and outcome of the event;

● Special interviews with entrepreneurs and employees of the company about their drive and goals in the business;

● Films about products, services, projects, programs or clients of the organization;

● Vlogs by the entrepreneur or employees of the business about their products and services, news topics or otherwise.

These films can be delivered in any kind of format that is required for the distribution of the film such as presentations, online, television, cinema or DVD/Blu-ray.